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Tina Momtaz

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I’m a very hard working person. I love learning and also sharing my knowledge with others. I’m friendly, sociable and love to laugh. I love languages and cultures. I have so many friends all around the world. I have learned English, German, Russian and can speak them fluently and Persian is my mother language. At the moment, I am learning Spanish and Polish :) . I won’t stop learning languages, each of these languages has opened a window to a completely new world for me and has changed my life in many good ways. I’m adventurous and love to travel a lot. So far I have been to 21 countries and at the moment I’m living in the UK. I want to explore the world as much as possible and want to see all countries before I die ;)) .

I have three years experience in teaching languages. I have taught Russian, English, German and Persian at Iran-Oxford institute in Iran and had many private students. Then I moved to the UK, and I’m going to start teaching at Language4water institute in Glasgow from January. I have also worked as a translator in an oil and gas company for one year and have experience as an interpreter in United Nation’s conferences. I have been learning English since I was only 5 years old. I can say speaking English is as easy as speaking Persian for me (Persian {Farsi} is my mother language). Russian language was my university major. I have my bachelor degree in Russian literature and masters in Russian linguistics. I have become the top student at my university and have been awarded. At the moment, I am studying International Relations (Russian, Central & East European Studies) at University of Glasgow. I have started learning German at the same time with Russian at Goethe Institute and have got my certificate. I’ll be happy to share my skills and knowledge with anyone who is interested 😀

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